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  1. Joel Bank

    Your Dragon Gate Sanctuary is Definitely ONE of a KIND and I would Like to be Part of that in some Small way NOW, and then After Advancing, Maybe Teacher Training, But My Question is How Would I be able to Do It? is it by Video Correspondence? I am all The Way In NEW YORK, Where Nobody teaches, What you Do. There Are A Few Tai Chi Ch’uan Schools and Only 2 Pa Kua Chang Schools, But I Don’t Get a good vibe from the Pa Kua Classes I Attended. For Instance I asked What particular style of Pa Kua that the Sifu was teaching there, and I Was Told 64 hands style?? He Just Didn’t seem Genuine to me. I am interested in Dvd’s , DVD sets. and Books For Now. I want to Build a strong Foundation. Also I am Interested(as an Ultimate Goal) Opening all my Meridians, Collaterals, and being able to Heal myself and Other’s (Eventually) and I was Told That Pa Kua was the quickest most powerful way (Some say faster and stronger than Tai chi Ch’uan) is there a link you can send me to view the DVD’s you have available for Purchase? a friend told me Ebay and I Tried But I Could Not Find anything.

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